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Wedding Reception Drink Ideas

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

In traditional British culture, a wedding drinks reception is usually kick-started with glasses of Prosecco or Champagne. However, if you wish to put a spin on what you serve and how you serve it, we have a few suggestions which you might like the sound of!

Keep it Seasonal!

Seasonal beverages are always a hit, especially these days when everything needs to be 'Insta Worthy'! Here's our suggestions:

Spring - A delicious mojito, whether it be classic mint or raspberry, these colours will compliment the natural spring tones.

Summer - A fruity pitcher of Pimms and ice goes down a treat on a hot summer day!

Autumn - Drinks which boast rich autumnal colours are the perfect addition to your Autumn wedding, so with that in mind our go-to drink would definitely be a Cranberry Margarita.

Winter - Deliciously spiced Mulled Wine is the perfect winter wedding tipple which will leave your guests feeling warm and cosy.

Get Personal!

Whether it's the first bottle of wine you shared together, a cocktail which reminds you of a special holiday or a beverage which is pretty much part of your family history. Wedding day drinks which are personal to you both are a great little touch to add into your big day.

Non Alcoholic

Remember, not everyone will want to drink at your wedding. So creating a special mocktail or smoothie will make your guests who aren't drinking feel excited and even more welcome.

York Barn Team x

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