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Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Apr 13

Photo courtesy of Joe Dodsworth Photography

Your wedding flowers should never be underestimated, as your flowers have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your special day. From beautiful bouquets to free-standing floral features, and stunning centrepieces to majestic floral crowns, there is no end to what you can create with some beautiful flowers and a great florist.

There really are so many ways you can use flowers to dress up your wedding, so it is a good idea to firstly think of a colour scheme and theme that you want for your big day. Do you want want a light and summery feel, or a deeper, richer classic feel? Your floral decorations need to run in line with the overall theme of the day. Once you have picked your colours and theme, it may be an idea to put together a mood board you can share with your florist, or venue dressers you have considered as your supplier.

Photo courtesy of Joe Dodsworth Photography

Picking your bouquets can be exciting but also overwhelming, there are so many styles, flowers, foliage, decorations, and more to choose from. However, if you know your colour scheme, and theme, your florist should be able to make suggestions to help you, or peruse pictures online to pull an idea together instead.

Photo courtesy of Anna Beth Photography

The possibilities are endless when it comes to centrepieces for your wedding, some people opt for large vases, a runner of foliage, some for decorated candles, but whatever people choose it is almost guaranteed that flowers will be involved in some way. When picking your type of centrepiece consider your theme ideas again - what colours work, what textures work, do you want to include other decorations such as lights, or pictures, and consider the season too. For example, if you are having an Autumn/Winter wedding incorporating candles or lights into your centrepieces could give that warm, cosy feeling your guests will love on a crisp winters day.

Photo courtesy of Howarth Miller Weddings

Flowers by Kerri Bailey, Venue Dressing by Tracy Williamson

We adore this floral arch! The shape creates the perfect area for a wedding ceremony and those all-important wedding pictures, it's stunning, lavish, but rustic all rolled into one!

Whether you are going for an understated simple feel for your wedding or a more extravagant affair, flowers can be used to create whatever theme you want on the day. From a simple little sprinkling of flowers on gift tables, and letterboxes, to large floral arches, or blossom trees, get creative and really use the flowers you have to create a beautiful scene for you and your guests to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Shutter Go Click

Flowers by Ruth Bailey

It's not all about the centrepieces! Floral table runners can steal the show too! Table runners are not always thought about when it comes to decorating the room, but they are perfect for along the top table, the cake table, the gift table, and well anywhere that looks like it would look better with a runner! Again like with centrepieces there are so many styles you can opt for, you could go all out floral, or build in candles, lights, or other forms of decoration too.

These fully floral top table runners were perfect for the wedding couples stunningly classic and elegant wedding at York Barn.

Flowers by Dutch Nurseries

Flowers really are a wonderful way to make your wedding stand out, with so many areas you can use them in, such as bouquets, centrepieces, table runners, venue dressing, and more. So when you go to view your potential venue keep in mind where you could dress up and how, and what theme or colours would work too.

For some florist or venue dresser recommendations click here, or to enquire to hold your wedding here at York Barn click here.

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