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Your Wedding Hair

Photo Courtesy of Josey Grace Photography

Knowing how to have your hair on your wedding day can be very stressful. It's a balance between going for something that isn't your everyday style but also not going so far out that it doesn't suit you either. You also need to think of what will suit the style of dress you have chosen and what style will stay in or feel comfortable throughout your special day!

From a tousled-up look to a down with curls style, there really are so many ways you can choose to have your hair. That's why we thought we would put together a blog with some of the lovely hair do's we have seen during our weddings in the last couple of years.

The Tousled Low Updo

Photo courtesy of Vicky Rennison Photography

This is a classic wedding hairstyle that is popular with many brides as it suits a whole variety of dresses and it is a comfortable and beautifully simple style to maintain throughout the day. If you are thinking of having this style on your day make sure you wash your hair the day before the wedding and the style will hold better.

Floral 'n' Loose

Photo courtesy of Shutter Go Click Photography

Having flowers or a floral tiara adds a lovely delicate spring or summer feel to your hair and your wedding. Teamed with some lovely loose curls this floral tiara makes a beautiful nature-style crown that really adds to the theme of the wedding.

A bit of everything

Photo courtesy of Tux & Tales Photography

Can't pick just one set style then why not mix some of your favourites together! This bride's hairstyle gives a relaxed but classy feel by leaving most of the hair down, teaming up plaits with a high chignon, and adding a final touch of a delicate hair comb to finish it off.

A classic updo

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bruce Photography

An updo combined with curls gives this lovely tousled style, which is perfect for fitting your veil too, meaning you can wear it all day without it getting in the way if you want to! Or you can take it out altogether and your updo will still look spot on.

The Relaxed Pin Back

Photo courtesy of David Charles Photography

Loose hair worn down around your face and shoulders is the perfect choice for a bride with a relaxed wedding style. It takes minimum effort and you don’t have to worry too much about it slipping or coming out of place during the day. Wearing a veil? Just pull a little back to be able to pin an area to fit your veil and keep it secure.

The Low Chignon

Photo courtesy of Matthew Hall Photography

This wedding hairstyle is classy, stylish, and sophisticated and will always look timeless. You can wear this style bare or dress it up with a number of accessories including tiaras, sparkling slides, or even flowers. This style works well with a variety of wedding dresses but it's especially suited to gowns that have a detailed back so it can be shown off without your hair getting in the way!

Timeless Elegance

Photo courtesy of Richard Perry Photography

Teaming a low chignon with a halo-type braid, and some pearls is the perfect way to get an elegant and timeless look. It also gives you the chance again to fix your veil in a position that means it won't get in your way throughout your ceremony, photos, and wedding dinner.

An Embellished Ponytail

Photo courtesy of Shutter Go Click Photography

Many may think the ponytail is an everyday hairstyle but when adapted and dressed up with some sparkle it becomes a beautiful yet classy masterpiece! This is a style that would also work well with a tiara veil fitted at the front for during the wedding ceremony.

Classic half-up, half-down

Photo courtesy of Howarth Miller Weddings

The half-up, half-down do' is a surefire style. Its classy, delicate, and relaxed all in one. This style goes well with pretty much any type of wedding dress as well, making it a very popular choice with a lot of brides.

An Ample Up-Do!

Photo courtesy of Jules Barron Photography

One of our brides rocked this romantic updo, simple and effortless, this style is as stunning as it is effortless. It is also perfect worn with just a delicate tiara or a veil too. Make sure your hairdresser uses plenty of grips and this style should easily last all day.

A Beautiful Crown

Photo courtesy of Tux & Tales Photography

For a real princess look this style with soft curls, some of the hair partially pinned up, and a stunning crown-like tiara is perfect! It is beautifully classic and effortless and works well with most styles of dresses, especially ones with not too much detailing,

Elegant Waves

Photo courtesy of Lucy Sayers Photography

Romantically wavy locks were the perfect finishing touch to this bride's wedding day look. Keeping her stunning face as the focal point, the braided pieces of hair added to the style and gave a perfect place to add in some jewels and a veil.

We hope these styles have given you some inspiration for your wedding day, to check out some more wedding day ideas head to the blog page on our website.

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