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Spread love not Coronavirus

With Coronavirus taking over the news, our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event. We wanted to raise this statement to say that York Barn are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we are taking everyday as it comes, taking advice from the World Health Organisation.

We are advising all of our couples who have weddings booked which are taking place at York Barn over the next 6 months to check their wedding insurance policies as it's a good idea to separate fact from frightening fiction and get clued up on how it could affect their big day.

At this moment in time (14/03/2020), we will be facilitating all of the weddings we have planned at York Barn. Should the World Health Organisation release anything which suggests that we shouldn't proceed with weddings or events, we will advise our couples accordingly.

Should a wedding be unable to take place, we will be advising couples that we're happy to check availability for alternative dates and move the funds across to the new date. This of course is subject to availability.

For the weddings that are going ahead, we have noted a couple of popular Q&A's below which may help:

How Can I Help Make Guests Who Can’t Attend Due to Coronavirus Feel Part of the Day?

If a guest is taken ill, or a health compromised or elderly person decides to give your wedding a miss, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be included in your celebrations. Here are the best ways to get them involved:

- FaceTime / Skype - this is a great way to make absent guests feel like they're there. This way they can still be present for the speeches and ceremony.

- If you’re having a videographer, stage a special screening of your wedding video just for them when it’s ready.

- Set aside an order of service and wedding favour and present them to your absent guest/s after the wedding.

- Save them a slice of wedding cake!

- Create a wedding hashtag and ask guests to upload pictures and videos throughout the day and have absent guests follow the action

How Can I Stop My Wedding Guests Catching Coronavirus?

- If you have a wedding website, this would be a great place to add a link to the NHS website outlining their hygiene recommendations.

- Making hand washing fun... this could be as simple as asking your guests to wash their hands and sing along to the chorus of your wedding song! It's slightly more appropriate than Happy Birthday!

- Arrange for hand sanitisers to be placed in the toilets

- Having a sanitise slot on the order of the day. There's plenty of ways to make this into something more upbeat, everyone could stand up at the wedding breakfast, sanitise whilst singing a song for 30 seconds!

As a nation, we will get through this and we are supporting our clients as best as possible. It is business as usual here at York Barn and we would like to spread the love with our couples, clients and supplier partners wishing them all the health and happiness they deserve.

York Barn x

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