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5 Reasons to Hire a Videographer

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

If you have any married friends who had a videographer at their wedding, we can pretty much guarantee that all of them will tell you it was definitely worth the money!

Over the last 10 years of planning weddings here at Villa Farm we have met with thousands of couples and it appears that videographers aren't very high on the list of priorities, or even on the list at all - which is crazy in our opinion! So here's 5 reasons why we think videographers are SO important:

1. A living memory of your wedding

You and your friends and family can re-live one of the most amazing days in your life and enjoy the special moments you shared as many times as you like.

2. See more of your wedding

On your wedding day, you will be in demand! So finding the time to enjoy every little moment and see what your guests get up to when you're not around is nearly impossible, however with a videographer on the scene capturing those special, embarrassing, hilarious or the 'you had to be there' moments, means you can see all the thrills and spills of your wedding!

3. Share your wedding video on social media

Your videographer will more often than not create a shortened version of your wedding video which you can share online, meaning that the guests who were unable to attend can enjoy your special day at a later date online and share the happy memories with you.

4. It might not cost as much as you think

There are a lot of elements to a wedding so the overall cost can soon rack up, however we recommend gathering quotes from local videographers as you may be pleasantly surprised when it comes to their rates. If you have a set figure in mind, let them know as they may be able to create a bespoke package tailored to your budget so you don't have to miss out on a wedding video.

5. A keepsake

If you have or you plan on having children, your wedding video could be such a special keepsake for them to treasure and watch back in years to come.

To see the photographers and videographers we recommend here at York Barn, head over to our suppliers page on the link below:

York Barn Team x

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