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5 Benefits of Booking a Midweek Wedding

Updated: Apr 13

We get it, in an ideal world everyone would like to get married on a weekend - but why?

Yes, logistically it's easier for your guests to get time off and it's more 'traditional' to get married on a weekend, however don't let that stop you both from missing out on some of the amazing benefits of a midweek wedding!

We've put together five of our top points which we believe are total game changers when it comes to deciding on a midweek wedding:

1. You Save Money

Yes, that's right! Let's face it, weddings are pretty expensive and sometimes we all have to cut back on certain things to bring the cost down a little, however you'll generally find that venues and suppliers will offer you a much lower rate during the week instead of a weekend. This means that you can either save the money for a rainy day or put it towards your honeymoon. It's a winner either way!

2. More Availability with Venues and Suppliers

Sometimes it's hard to find a venue and your preferred suppliers who all have availability on the same date... that's just one of the joys of wedding planning - however! When considering midweek, more often than not you'll find that there's much more availability out there meaning you can have your dream venue and dream suppliers!

3. Everyone Gets a Day Off Work!

If you send out Save the Date cards early enough, your wedding guests should be able to take the day off work in order to attend your special celebration. Your guests may welcome an exciting day out of the office and depending on the location of your wedding venue, they may even be able to turn it in to a mini-break away! You most certainly can here at Villa Farm, where we have 13 on-site cottages, sleeping up to 113 guests. Added bonus is you have access to York Barn the day before your wedding (12:00 - 18:00) and the day after your wedding (10:00 - 12:00) to collect your wedding items.

4. Add Extra Special Touches

We mentioned earlier about the money you can save when booking a midweek wedding. If you would prefer to use this extra cash to enhance your wedding day, there's SO many possibilities out there, from a short firework display to a chocolate fountain or even more entertainment for your guests such as giant games and undercover singing waiters. The options are endless!

5. Extend Your Celebrations

Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations you’ll ever throw, so why not hold your big day during the week so that you can extend the party into the weekend? Perhaps a big family BBQ at the weekend would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on the week, adding to the memories and allowing family and friends more time to catch up if they’ve travelled from afar!

York Barn Team x

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