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The Wedding Dress!

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When it comes to wedding dresses there are so many styles to choose from that the task of picking one can feel overwhelming! However, remember this is supposed to be the most exciting part of being a bride, so take your time, try plenty of different dresses to see what suits your body shape, and skin tone, and don't jump at the first one (unless it really is THE ONE).

To give you some inspiration we have put together some of our bride's wedding dress pictures for you to see!

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When picking your dress consider what time of year your wedding is and what the weather may be like for that time of year. If you are having a winter wedding you may want to look for a style of dress that would suit a little jacket or shawl. Or if it is a summer wedding a dress made out of lighter materials may be better.

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Are you planning on wearing your dress from morning til night? Some brides decide to get changed for the evening part of their celebrations, but other brides want to make the most out of their dress and decide to wear it from start to end. If you choose to do this you are going to want to make sure your dress is going to be something you are comfortable in all day long.

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If you are a dancing queen you might want to consider how easy it will be to dance in the dress you choose, the last thing you will want is to be a heap on the floor if you get tangled up in masses of wedding skirt.

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If you plan on wearing a veil, consider if the style of dress chosen will work with a veil, or if you can get a style of veil that looks right for that dress. If not do you sacrifice having a veil or carry on looking for a dress that ticks every box.

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If you decide on a dress that has a long train you may want to check it has a wrist loop so that you can use this as the bustle to hold your train up when moving around, or dancing. This can also be a bonus should you be hit by wet weather on the day.

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Consider your skin tone when choosing the shade of your dress, if you are naturally pale going full-on white with your dress could leave you looking washed out, so maybe look at cream or off-white tones.

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Work with your body shape by getting advice from the dress fitters as to what styles would suit you best. However, don't rule dresses out just because of this, it is probably still best to try them on so you can decide for sure if it's right for you.

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Be prepared to change your mind! Most brides-to-be have a vision in their head already of the dress they think is the one they want. However, when you get to try on the dress that you think is 'the one' you may find that it's not all you thought it would be, and actually, a dress that was not even something you would have considered is the perfect one for you.

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When looking at the whole theme of your wedding, does your dress choice match what you are aiming for? For example, if your having a rustic, boho style wedding, a dress that's sheek and glitzy is probably not going to match what you are going for!

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In addition to shape, and color, the fabric can make a big difference on how a gown will look on you. A heavier, structured material, such as lace, will hold its shape and smooth your figure. Unstructured material, such as silk, can be less flattering on your shape.

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It's easy, especially for those people who just like to please everyone else, to feel pressured, in the moment, to say yes to a dress that your mom, sister, or maid of honor loves on you. But it's extremely important that you go with the one you love and what feels like your dream dress, regardless of other people's expectations.

For other wedding day tips and advice head to our blog page.

All the photos in this blog are on the grounds of Villa Farm and of brides married at our wedding venue 'York Barn'

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