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Your Perfect Honeymoon!

Most newlyweds look for their honeymoon to be the trip of a lifetime! One where you can spend an epic time away just the two of you as you begin your married life. And let's be honest after the stress of organising your wedding you are probably ready to kick back and just enjoy your time together.

Whether you are looking to lie on a beach listening to the waves, explore the culture in an amazing city, or hike up mountains to experience 'out of this world' views, there are so many places in the world to have an incredible romantic break away. Here are some ideas we have put together for you:

Antigua & Barbuda

Based in the Caribbean these islands boast lots of sun, stunning beaches, and clear blue seas. Many people who have visited the islands have defined it as paradise and it's not hard to see why! Find yourselves relaxing alone on the powdery white sand of a beach, or on a catamaran sailing the Caribbean Sea at sunset, or head to one of the all-inclusive resorts, where you will find activities such as sailing or scuba diving to enjoy. They may only be small islands but you will find plenty of things to do to make your honeymoon an amazing one.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Looking for a classically romantic place to spend your honeymoon then the Amalfi Coast is perfect for you. It's one of Italy's most memorable destinations because of how the mountains plunge into the sea whilst buildings and woodland cling to the side, it sure is an amazing sight to see. The Amalfi region has some of the finest Hotels and Restaurants Italy has to offer. As well as various towns that each offer different experiences; Positano has plenty of boutiques, classy bars, and sunbathing spots, Ancient Amalfi has an Arabic-Norman cathedral to explore, Ravello is quaint with its cultured villas and Wagnerian connections, and Sorrento is a beautiful clifftop resort. A fan of Hiking? Amalfi is one of the country's top spots for hiking with multiple well-marked trails providing the chance to explore the quieter areas it has to offer.

Bali, Indonesia

If you decide on a honeymoon to Bali you will not be disappointed! It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The Indonesian island has a more exotic feel and offers unspoiled beaches, culture, art, music, rice terraces, and many temples, as well as the chance to surf, snorkel, or relax with a massage. Bali celebrates nature and all it has to offer, with many of the resorts incorporating it into their buildings.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Looking for a honeymoon where you can explore some rich culture and dance your socks off? Then Buenos Aires is just for you! Famous for its dancing, cuisine, culture, and photogenic surroundings, there is a lot to do in this vibrant city.


For a more full-on honeymoon head to the beautiful Croatia. There is so much to do from exploring the magical terraced lakes and waterfalls, to exploring historical sites and ruins, to sailing a yacht around the coast, to wild nights partying. Croatia really has it all if you are looking for a honeymoon with a difference, and with a Greek Isle-like, authentic, and unspoiled feel with its own unique culture what more could you want.


Fiji is one of the more classic exotic honeymoon places to go, with plenty of 5-star resorts to choose from between the 300 plus islands, you could choose to mix it up by booking to stay in more than one. Filled with white sand, palm trees, mountains, and blue lagoons, Fiji is stunning and very photogenic. For a heavenly experience, visit Laucala, a private-island destination blending tropical rainforests and volcanos with deserted beaches, sustainable locally grown cuisine, and activities ranging from diving and golf to horseback riding and game fishing.


For an adventurous honeymoon head to Iceland! There is a lengthy list of attractions including the spectacular Northern Lights in the wintertime, endless opportunities for trekking, riding the country’s famously tiny but strong horses, exploration of caves, volcanos, ice fields, and glaciers; and steamy hot springs and lagoons. One of the best places to sleep is the new retreat 'Blue Lagoon' with a spa built into the volcanic earth and a five-star restaurant.


It is said that Japan is one of the places everyone should visit at least once in their life. It is steeped in rich ancient heritage and authentic culture, whilst also having awe-inspiring cities that show the modern side of Japan as well. Japan is naturally beautiful and full of history with its own traditional delights such as sake, sushi, and the samurai. Between hikes, nature walks, skiing, shrines, temples, and the stunning coastline you won't be hard-pressed to find something to do. For a luxury stay whilst in Japan head to the breathtaking Aman Kyoto resort and spa.


Madagascar is an African island that doesn't get as much hype as some of the other places people think of when booking a honeymoon. But it really shouldn't be overlooked because it is a truly spectacular destination, with everything from whale watching, to deserted white beaches, to lemur watching at luxury lodges. The island has a varied terrain of rainforest, desert, and highlands, which are filled with animals of all different kinds. For ultimate luxury check in to the Nosy Ankao retreat, where you can explore the Indian ocean, see the island from above in a helicopter, or track down some of the island's main occupants......the lemurs!

South Western Montana

For an active and adventurous honeymoon with a luxury twist then head to Montana for a working ranch break! Montana may seem an unlikely place for a honeymoon but it is perfect for newlyweds who want to be as active as they are pampered. The all-inclusive working ranch breaks don't come cheap but they are so worth it, they deliver an authentic Western adventure and outdoor activities alongside fine cuisine and unmatched service in a breathtaking environment. Certainly one for the horse lovers out there!

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