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You’ve bought a wedding planner, multiple wedding magazines, and downloaded every wedding planning app possible, but we believe some of the best advice comes from those that have been there themselves. So we asked several of our brides for their top tips to pass on to you, the bride-to-be. So from one bride to another here you go….

Our past bride’s advice:

Ensure your hair and make-up team have enough time – If you run behind at the beginning of your special day it can lead to a knock-on effect, missing photos, and a very flustered bride and bridesmaids.

Take photos of the moment your parents see you ready for the first time – this is a truly magical moment that needs to be captured for you to look back on throughout your life.

Try and not stress – this is by far the hardest one to not do. However, like many of our brides said ‘it will and does all work out on the day’.

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Don’t worry about forgetting anything – even if you do, you probably won’t notice, and no one will know you have anyway!

Don’t budget on your photographer – you get what you pay for and having a good photographer is essential.

Have a photo list of no more than 10-15 set photos – after this, spend time mingling with your guests. The best photos are the ones where you can be seen just enjoying your day with your guests.

Organise a Videographer – they will catch the parts of the day your photographer may not.

Do speeches before the meal – that way the groom can then enjoy their meal without the stress hanging over them.

Wear your wedding shoes in!

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The day before, set yourself a cut-off point – Have everything ready by this time. After that, it is time to relax and start enjoying the build-up to being a bride.

Take time for yourself and your partner – sit back and absorb what’s happening. Stand to one side, take a walk together, talk about the day so far, and enjoy your only day as the ‘day you got married’ together.

Delegate – don’t try and arrange everything alone. Bridesmaids, parents, family, and friends are usually more than happy to help.

The most important thing is having the most important people there to share your special day.

Enjoy the day – it goes so fast so don’t waste it fretting over the small stuff.

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Track all your costs on a spreadsheet – including all the little bits for decorations. Not only can you see what you need to get still, you can also track how much of your budget you have spent.

DIY is not always the cheapest option – spend time looking online for different options and then think is saving £50 worth the hours would need to spend yourself sorting it.

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There will never be just one dress suited to you! With so many styles of dresses, it is inevitable that more than one will be ‘The one’. When you find a dress you feel amazing in and don’t want to take it off you will wonder if you should try more to make sure, but a bit of hesitation in saying ‘yes’ is normal. Go with the dress you don’t want to take off, and that makes you feel the best you have ever felt.

Thank you to our beautiful brides for their wise words! We hope any brides-to-be or even the grooms-to-be find all these tips super useful! For other wedding tips and ideas head to our blog page.

(A big thank you to our brides: Jenna Roberts, Laura Robertshaw, Samantha Stoker, Jade Holinski, Amy Nicole Collins, and Sarah Cartwright)

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