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Benefits of having a website for your wedding day...

Having a website for your wedding day is a great way to interact with your guests, form a bit of an online community between the two families and share real-time information and images relating to your big day!

Granted, some of your guests, especially older generations, would prefer invitations and updates in person or over the phone, which is absolutely fine - it's a good excuse for a catch up with them!

If you're new to website building, there are countless 'Wedding Day Website' templates out there, making the process super easy, saving you so much time in the long run. Below we have noted a few links to website templates we think are FAB for weddings - feel free to take a look!

If you're still undecided on whether or not you think you'll need a wedding website, here are 4 reasons why they're super helpful:

1. Save money and time on invitations and postage

2. Set expectations for everyone to read, such as car parking, timings, dress code etc

3. Connect with your guests

4. Manage your RSVP's through the website

Happy web building!

York Barn x

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