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4 Ways to Plan a More Sustainable Wedding

There are many ways to plan an Eco-Friendly wedding, however let's start off with our top 4 suggestions:

1. Choose a Location Close to You

The biggest carbon footprint of your wedding is from travel, so if you can find a venue which is near the majority of your guests that will really help and it'll save your guests money on travel!

2. Double Up with Place Cards

Do away with heavily packaged favours and place cards and bake some personalised biscuits to act as both! Whether you've got a talented family member in the kitchen or you would like to hire in a baker, personalised biscuits with your guests names on are a thoughtful and tasty treat. Here at York Barn we use Lisha at LS Cakery and she is brilliant!

3. The Stationary

There's a lot of paper involved with wedding stationary, so instead of sending out a paper invite, an E-Invite could be just as effective and cheaper! However, don’t think you have to go boring with paperless invites. You could get creative and make a video of you both inviting your guests, you could set up a wedding website that includes all the details of your special day - it could even include an RSVP link so everything is in one place!

For your guests who would prefer a paper invite, such as your grandparents, you could feature a postcard on your website with a photo of you both and your wedding details which you or they can print off!

4. The Catering

Naturally, there's always quite a bit of waste when it comes to wedding catering, however there are ways to reduce it! Here's a few ideas:

- Don't use disposable dinnerware

- Have an organic wedding cake

- Go vegetarian or vegan

- Ensure your caterers are using local produce

- Avoid buffets as caterers usually over provide meaning there's more waste

If you would like to show you support and help the environment, these 4 easy steps are a great starting point!

York Barn x

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